Oregon State University and the Oregon Museum of Science and Industry have enjoyed a close partnership since 2016, joining forces to bring together researchers, educators and the public. Researchers across campus have also collaborated with OMSI on the Broader Impacts of their grant proposals.

Join our Brown Bag Information Session for our 2020 Spring Training
  • 10 October 2019
  • 12-1pm in LPSC 402 

OMSI hosts its popular Science Communication Fellowship cohort program on OSU’s Corvallis campus each spring. More than 70 students, faculty and staff have completed the training program including many from:

  • College of Science*
  • College of Engineering
  • College of Earth, Ocean, and Atmospheric Science
  • College of Agricultural Sciences
  • College of Forestry
  • College of Public Health and Human Sciences

*The College of Science can support up to half the tuition for six College of Science Fellows. If you are a COS STEM researcher, when you apply, please let OMSI know that you would like to apply for COS Fellowship.

Goals of the OMSI-OSU Partnership
  • Provide a proven, effective platform and support system for OSU researchers to fulfill broader impact grant requirements.
  • Engage the community with current OSU research—inspiring youth interest in STEM and raising the public profile of OSU research.
  • Build science communication skills and a reflective practice around informal science education across the OSU community.
  • Enrich the relationship between OSU and OMSI.

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Our partnership with OMSI has made an impact in science across campus and across Oregon. Learn how OMSI and the College of Science are collaborating to train more students and STEM professionals to become effective science communicators.

Learn more about ways to collaborate with OMSI 
either through the Science Communication Fellowship or Broader Impacts. Connect with us and join OMSI’s Science Communication email list to stay informed about upcoming opportunities.

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