The College of Science at Oregon State University seeks to create, share, preserve and apply knowledge. Through these pursuits, Science prepares students for success; benefits the state, nation, and the world through the intellectual and economic contributions of those individuals; and improves the quality of life of individuals and their communities through research and its resultant benefits. The mission of Science is to

  • Provide comprehensive undergraduate educational programs for future scientists and science educators;
  • Teach basic scientific and mathematical principles to all OSU undergraduates to help them become informed citizens;
  • Provide outstanding graduate education in all COS programs;
  • Engage in basic and applied research to advance the frontiers of scientific and technical knowledge, and to preserve and advance the health, environment, and economic welfare of the citizens of Oregon and the nation;
  • Improve the quality of education and technical training in science and mathematics by working with community colleges, schools, and state and regional agencies.

The open and free exchange of ideas and opinions is essential to the intellectual life and health of a university. To those ends, the College of Science fosters openness, flexibility, respect and a sense of community into support and advance our goals.

The College is developing programs focused on:

  • Ecological and evolutionary biology
  • Earth dynamics and resources
  • Structure and function of organic and inorganic materials
  • Medicinal chemistry, cell signaling, and molecular biology in health and disease
  • Mathematical modeling of the natural world